Identifying and vetting reliable, ethical downstream recycling resources

  • ITeC has invested more than 2 years developing our Global Partner Network (GPN) of downstream processors

  • All GPN members must pass stringent screening requirements which include:

    • Compliance with country/local regulatory, licensing, and permitting requirements

    • R2 compliance

    • Financial viability auditS

    • Onsite operations, health, and safety audits

Maximizing efficiency of transporting materials to downstream vendors

  • ITeC takes legal ownership of materials at your dock

  • ITeC has assembled a team of global logistics partners who provide:

    • Compliance with EPA, Basel TFS, and EU Hazardous Materials Shipment Regulations (Annex VII) 

    • Efficient shipping routes and modes from any origin point to any of our GPN destinations

    • Export/import services as required by origin and destination countries

Ensuring compliance and accountability of downstream vendors

  • ITeC performs all vendor management activities:

    • Periodic audits of GPN and logistics partners to ensure continued compliance with our standards

    • Traceability of materials from pickup to final disposition

    • Ongoing regulatory/permitting compliance monitoring

    • Video monitoring of recycling operations

    • Client is welcome for onsite audits but never needs to engage with vendors directly

Growing and adjusting downstream capacity requirements

  • ITeC operates the highest capacity, most flexible battery processing network in the industry

  • Current ITeC global processing capacity of 3,000MT will double by 2021 and double again by 2022

  • Our evolving global network will have processing capability on three continents by 2021, not only ensuring industry-leading capacity but increasing process proximity and reducing transport costs

Mitigating risks and impact of unpredictable downstream issues

  • ITeC takes ownership of materials from your dock to the recycling destination
  • ITeC has comprehensive commercial, umbrella, shipping, and related insurances and can indemnify its clients in the case of any legal or financial damages that may arise from downstream processing activities

  • Where required, ITeC can also provide an insurance bond or financial guarantee to ensure the proper handling of materials in the event of a processor failure

  • Secure PACKAGING and TRANSPORTATION management in compliance with all local regulations

  • SORTING of batteries based on chemistry and other criteria

  • SHREDDING and REFINING to facilitate materials recovery

  • MATERIALS RECOVERY of ferrous, non-ferrous, minor, and precious metals

  • REPORTING both during the recycling process and post-process on recovery rates

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