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Battery recycling solutions

that minimize environmental impact while maximizing economic recovery

Pioneering a revolutionary approach to optimizing the closed-loop battery materials ecosystem

The rising global need to recycle batteries and battery materials is outpacing processor capacity, especially in North America and Europe. At the same time, supplies of many of the metals required for battery manufacturing are increasingly challenging to access in their virgin form due to geopolitical and human rights issues associated with the countries that control the reserves. ITeC is focused on ethically addressing the supply issues by building a global partner network of recycling and logistics solutions.


We provide a broad array of battery recycling services by leveraging our own facilities as well as a global network of partner facilities and logistics providers.


The range of batteries and related electronics we can accept for processing is among the broadest in the industry.


Both ITeC-owned and partner facilities meet or exceed regulatory and certification requirements in the markets in which they operate. 


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At ITec we are working to create a world free from battery waste. We develop customized, sustainable solutions that transform all types of batteries and related materials -- from all parts of the world -- to their next best use. 

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